1979 Steve Eaton – Steve Eaton

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1  Got Me Moanin’ (Steve Eaton) 2:34
2  Raking Leaves In the Wind (Steve Eaton) 3:15
3  All In Love Say I (Steve Eaton) 4:15
4  Hurricanes And Tornadoes (Steve Eaton) 4:08
5  Where Do I Fit In (Steve Eaton) 2:35
6  Old, Smart, Big and Kind (Steve Eaton) 2:58
7  Without You (Steve Eaton) 3:43
8  Never Knew A Pain (Steve Eaton) 3:22
9  Friendly Stealer (Steve Eaton) 3:36
10  You’re Not A Hero (Steve Eaton) 4:04
11  Long Overdue (Steve Eaton) 3:21
12  Million Dollar Blues (Steve Eaton) 3:33
13  No Man’s Land (Steve Eaton) 4:07
14  Took Me by Suprise (Steve Eaton) 3:10



Bass Leland Sklar
Bass Matt Marshall
Drums John Ferraro
Drums Mike Baird
Drums Jim Gordon
Guitar Steve Eaton
Guitar Phil Marshall
Guitar Steve Lukather
Percussion Steve Forman
Piano Jai Winding
Sax Craig Bulher
Background Vocals Phil Marshall
Background Vocals Sandy Martinez
Background Vocals Cindy Fee

Liner Notes

Producer – Frank Marshall & Steve Eaton
Strings Arrangements – Phil Marshall
Assistant Engineer – Greg Edalatpoul
Recording Engineers – Curt Lyons, Ron Watkins

Recording Studios
Lyon Recording, Newport Beach, CA
Mountain Meadows, Oglen, Utah Pasha
Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA
Hollywood Sound, Hollywood, CA Recording