1978 Brian Cadd – Yesterday Dreams

Brian George Cadd (born 29 November 1946, Perth, Western Australia) is an Australian singer-songwriter, keyboardist and producer who has performed as a member of The Groop, Axiom, Flying Burr

ito Brothers and solo.Although he was briefly called Brian Caine in late 1966, when first joining The Groop, he is generally known as Brian Cadd.

Cadd produced fellow Australian acts, Robin Jolley, Ronnie Burns, Broderick Smith, Tina Arena and Glenn Shorrock; and established his own record label called Bootleg Records. He also composed or performed music for films, Alvin Purple, Alvin Purple Rides Again, Fatal Vision, The Return of the Living Dead, Vampires on Bikini Beach, Morning of the Earth and The Heartbreak Kid and for television Class of 74, The Midnight Special and Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert. His songwriting for other acts includes The Masters Apprentices, Bootleg Family Band, Ronnie Burns, The Pointer Sisters and Little River Band.


1  Yesterday Dreams (Brian Cadd) 3:51
2  Ol’55 (Tom Waits) 4:09
3  Skating On Thin Ice (Brian Cadd) 3:17
4  A Thousand Different Ways (Brian Cadd) 3:31
5  Pale Fire (Brian Cadd) 3:25
6  Next Time I See You (Gerry Goffin, Barry Goldberg) 2:55
7  Send In The Violins (Brian Cadd) 3:33
8  Long Time Till The First Times (Brian Cadd) 4:03
9  Crazy Lady Of The Silver Spoon (Brian Cadd) 3:23
10  Lonely Is The Roadrunner (Brian Cadd) 4:04



Bass Reginald McBride
Bass Mike Porcaro
Bass David Winteur
Drums Richie Hayward
Drums Doug Lavery
Drums Jeffrey Porcaro
Drums Alvin Taylor
Guitar Stephen Beckmeier
Guitar John Beland
Guitar Richard Bennett
Guitar David Kalish
Guitar Steve Lukather
Guitar Michael Stewart
Guitar Richie Zito
Slide Guitar Jesse Ed Davis
Pedal Steel Guitar JD Mannis
Mandolin Davey Johnstone
Keyboards Brian Cadd
Keyboards Mike Finnigan
Keyboards Mark T Jordan
Keyboards Larry Knechtel
Keyboards Mike Moran
Synthesizer Jay Graydon
Percussion Oliver Brown
Background Vocals Angelo Arvonio
Background Vocals Kathy Collier
Background Vocals Lenny Gale
Background Vocals Daniel Moore
Background Vocals Carmen Twillie

Liner Notes

Engineer – David Cole, Rick Ruggieri, Ron Malo
Producer (Executive) – Brian Cadd
Producer – Michael Stewart
Manufactured By – Capitol Records-EMI